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Monday, December 31, 2012

Things that can hurt your success in wholesale business

Did you know almost half of the wholesale businesses are shut down in the first year of their operation? The reasons of their failure can be many but the most prominent ones are:
·         Poor cash flow
·         Improper handling of business operations

The above mentioned reasons for failure are obvious but there are certain other things that are also not easy to overcome and perceiving them as hurdles is another challenging task. You will get a hint of these challenging issues that you must learn to identify and eradicate as well.

Learn to decide
It is a norm in our society that people direct us to perform certain tasks and we are pushed to enter into a world of forced disciplines where others tell us what to do and how to do it. However, once you start your own wholesale business, you must get out of this forced discipline and discover who you are, what you want to do and how to manage your business tasks? Start taking your own decisions.

Who to talk to?
It is essential to consult professionals and share with them your business plans and goals so  in return they could offer you valuable suggestions or help you decide profitable wholesale products niche. The problem starts when you pick your parents, friends or relatives for this purpose, who know nothing about this venture. Therefore, you must pick professionals for this very important task

Plan long-term success
It is seen that newbie wholesale suppliers set their goals based on monetary terms. Do not forget that money is a temporary motivation that cannot guarantee long term success in the wholesale industry. Set your goals believing in your strengths and keep the feeling of celebrating long term success in this field.
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Monday, December 10, 2012

Christmas to Boost Numerous Industries

Christmas is around the corner and the entire nation is developing the fever of it from the very start of this month. The retailers and stores have offered their products for sale at discounts and more and more people are being attracted towards these shops. The toy shops are the busiest these days as scores of people are moving their way. The sale of toys wholesale has picked up dramatically in the recent days as Christmas approaches nearer and nearer with every passing day and it is expected to go even higher in the days to come. Christmas gifts are all over the place and people in big numbers are heading towards the toy shops.

At the same time the clothes wholesale business has also picked up as new clothes are to be prepared and besides, the winter season has now really set in so warm clothes are a must. Both these industries booming in this winter can make this quarter end at a better position. Though the last quarter wasn’t as good as it should have been but the spending habits are going to be favorable for the business in this month. The feel good factor among the people in this month really helps the businesses to boom and it is much needed at this point of time because of the poor performance of the economy during the current year. Though it was expected that the recovery would wipe out the problems created by the recession but it has not been so as the recovery has been slower than expected.

However, this month, as the people will give each other with clothes and toys and will eat sweets and chocolates together, the spending habits are bound to change. Maybe this is the push that the economy is waiting for. The people will be decorating Christmas Trees along with their families and friends and there will be parties held throughout the country. Party supplies are hoping for a lift up as well because a lot of parties are going to take place. Accessories like balloons, party hats and fancy dresses are going to be sold in large numbers and the one product that is going to make the rounds will be chocolates. All these things along with the Christmas blessings are going to make this month a real good one for the business in the country.

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Tuesday, November 06, 2012

UK Loves Partying and Party suppliers Love this Habit

Doctors say that smiling and laughing help increase blood as well as the lifespan of an individual. It burns calories and also has great effect on people who see you smiling. It is this quality that differentiates British people from the rest of the world as they greet in a manner that’s unique to them. The big smile on your host’s face or the person who you meet simply signifies that they are glad to see you. This quality of the British nation depicts their fun loving and friendly nature. This country has millions of people from different countries living here and all of them adore the British society for being hospitable and cheerful. 

That is why the British people love partying and the UK party suppliers are always in business here. It is an extremely profitable business and scores of party goods are sold throughout the year, especially during the party seasons. Now there is no season dedicated for parties of course but certainly countless parties are held during the festival days like those of Christmas, Easter or the Halloween. During these days the party supplies improve radically and in every street of the UK parties are cherished by people with their friends and families.

Catering and buffet suppliers also have a great time during these seasons because the wedding ceremonies are also held in large numbers during these specific time periods. Halloween is obviously a party festival and parties are thrown all over the United Kingdom on 31st October, the date on which this festival is held. Only the pumpkins supplied on this day are worth loads of money and the party decorators, who light the party places in a specific Halloween style with the help of lights and special features that they put in for the sake of giving it a horrifying look, enjoy a lot. Strange costumes that are normally rented for this very day are also supplied by the party suppliers and they certainly make big bucks on this festival.

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Thursday, September 27, 2012

UK Wholesalers Need to Bring Ideas In

UK wholesale market is one of the vibrant wholesale markets of the world but like there is always a struggle in every free market economy, the wholesalers in UK also need to improvise in order to maintain their share in the market and expand it further. During the last few years the UK suppliers throughout the country have developed a well-organized network and for that reason, a large number of retailers have begun to contact the suppliers directly as opposed to the previous practice when the wholesalers used to be the first priority. It offers a wealth of knowledge.

One must remember that a businessman always looks for a better option in order to get quicker and cheaper supplies that certainly give him an edge over the fellow businessmen. Wholesalers need to be innovative in order to regain their market and also expand it further. Now the question arises that what sort of business steps they might take in order to perform better in their respective fields. The following are some of the tactics they may use in order to do that:

1)      E-Business
E-commerce is a vast field and there are dozens of ways in which a business can better itself using the web. First they need to set up the websites and make an inventory with thorough details of the products so that the website looks informative and the customer is lured towards it after the first interaction. It is a fact that the job timings have drastically changed during the past couple of decades so the web is the most convenient way of saving time and accessing the relevant need or want.

2)      Public Relations
One of the oldest forms of business marketing i.e. public relations, needs to be looked at in a more energetic way. A call or an email every now and then to the regular customers and the use of a daily mail system can really help retain the customers.

3)      Look beyond local market:
The wholesalers must look beyond the local markets because markets get saturated after a time and then it becomes extremely difficult to shake or jolt the status quo. The best way to expand the business is to look beyond the focused market and cater to the entire country through web or other means to have higher profits and a larger target market.

4)      Supply Chain needs to bettered
It is the need of the hour for the UK wholesalers to improve their supply methods and channels. The recent trend of retailers contacting directly the manufacturers is mainly because of the delay in supply of goods. This occurs mainly due to the longer cycle of the product supply and the best way to accommodate them is by having a quicker supply chain so that they need not to contact the manufacturers. It is a rule in almost every business that one needs to make him indispensable for his target market in order to retain it.

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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Trust - The most important factor to run an online wholesale business

Whether you are planning to start an offline or online wholesale business, trust is the key factor to build relationships and to run a successful business. If we say that without trust, not a single business can grow and flourish then it is not wrong. It is because the business growth entirely depends upon repeated and new customers and trust is a thing that can bring them back to you again and again for business deals. Therefore, if you want to run a successful wholesale business then you will have to prove yourself as a trustworthy wholesale trader.

To develop trust between you and your customers, you must instil trust into your business strategies and the way you run your business. The very first step is to avoid any ambiguity while making a business deal. You must state your business terms and conditions very clearly and must remove misconceptions and misunderstanding while communicating with your customers.
Be sincere while dealing with customers by opting principles of sincerity and trust. Make sure you are not selling your wholesale products while illustrating fake characteristics of your products. Never make false promises regarding quality of wholesale products and about product shipping and delivery dates. Make sure you are in contact with a reliable shipping company so that you can deliver products in time and according to your promise. Also make sure that you are delivering the same quality of products that you have promised. 

You must hire professional customer service team so that customers can contact you directly whenever they need help. Always care for your customers and give them the room to have an open conversation with you so that they can tell you about your problems. Considering upon their suggestions, you can bring changes in your wholesale products manufacturing. This thing increases their confidence on your business and they would love to place orders with you again and again. 

Amongst liars and fraudsters, it is difficult to develop trust but you can make this happen by adopting compromising and flexible attitude towards customers.

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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Steps to start wholesale business considering current market conditions

Wholesale business is a relatively older business concept now and almost everyone knows that it involves buying and selling of wholesale products in bulk quantities. Wholesalers can specialize in a particular product category or deal in a variety of products. No matter what your niche is, to be a successful wholesaler, you must be exceptionally good in focusing on opportunities, solving problems and capable to think and act spontaneously. Keeping in view the current market happenings and conditions let’s see how one can start a successful wholesale business nowadays.

Stage One: If you have experience in a particular business category and know enough about certain products category, then you must start wholesale business in that category. Mostly people become successful just because they choose their favourite category to work on.

Step Two: choose your wholesale business model. One is you can own a particular wholesale product category and sell them ahead and the other is drop shipping method. For first option, you will have to own a warehouse to stock products. While in the other category, you can arrange goods from other suppliers or manufacturers and ship to your customers. 

Step Three: To make your wholesale business dream come true, you must locate reliable suppliers. With the advent of internet, running a wholesale business has become easier. You can find a number of suppliers online but do not forget to check every option before signing a deal with any of them.

Step Four: You must be in touch with a reliable shipping company that can deliver your wholesale products both in and out of country. It is good to take services from a professional reliable shipping company to minimize the chances of theft, loss and delay.
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Monday, April 23, 2012

Online or offline wholesale business - A complex decision to be made

Due to unpredictable economy or due to personal wish, nowadays many of us wish to start a wholesalebusiness but the business will be offline or online; it is the most difficult thing to decide. Both options are attractive. You can earn profit using both options but certainly one of them is more lucrative than the other. Most of us know which option can be better and which one is riskier for an entrepreneurial start up of wholesale business. Internet has provided limitless opportunities not just to establish but make your wholesale business successfully grow across the globe.

Isn’t it great that you are running a successful online store to sell wholesale products without considering overhead charges? If you are passionate for success, nothing can stop you to rule in online wholesale business world. Let’s review what the differences are between an online and offline wholesale business.

Setting up an online wholesale business means saving yourself from paying thousands of pounds a month in name of bills, rent and other overhead charges. At the same time, you need not to hire employees to set up your store for your walk-in customers. It means you do not have to give salaries to your employees. You do not have to leave your home daily just to receive your customers and keep a check on daily income. You can cater to the needs of thousands and even millions of customers on daily basis at the same time. Another biggest advantage of setting up an online business is that you need not to chase your customers but customers come to you.

The negative side of setting up an online business comes when you need to decide where you should invest your money and whom you should trust to buy wholesale products for your business. You cannot trust everyone for your hard-earned money therefore; you need to be very careful before investing anywhere. There are several ways to get wholesale products and find reliable wholesale suppliers but be sure before investing money anywhere that you have chosen a reliable person or a company. Once you grab a trustworthy resource, you do not need to go elsewhere to find more reliable sources. Only this way online wholesale business can be fantastic for you. 

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